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Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

“I am not ok right now...But I will be.”

How often have you felt like….

There is no more “I will be.”

I remember back to a few years ago when I was having a bad day. I mean a BAD DAY! For sure I have had many before, and many after. I somehow go back to this day in particular. I don’t need to spill all the tea. Let’s just say my world came crashing down.

I felt defeated.

Another upsetting let down phone call.

Another NO.

Another rejection letter from an agent.

Another project that I spent months on came to a dead-end.

Another “Oh I am flattered, but….”

Another, another, another.

The tears.

The hurt.

The upset.

It felt impossible to not drown and expect “Another".

I felt defeated.

That day: “I was not ok.”

I didn’t see the bright future ahead of me or that a set-back could become a blessing.

I sat in the hurt.

I craved more of it.

I believed I deserved it.

Because that day pain felt so good.

It was my friend, it understood me.

I was there to give me more.

I wanted more and asked for it.

Don’t ask for it.

As I saw myself drowning into a deep hole, I knew I needed to get out.

I called a good friend. I called Mary.

Mary and I went for long walks often when she was alive and well. She told old stories of when she was a Nun, when she was married, when she was bad in high school and got caught (please, she was still a saint). All the stories she could remember. Even if I heard them before they were comforting.

She also listened.

That day I didn’t feel the need to dump on her my problems because she was so delightful. I was not going to steal her glory with my pain. Even though my head was still pounding, “I am not ok”, Mary kept me happily distracted.

We finished our walk and she asked me to come up to her apartment as she “had something for me".

Mary loved chocolate and sweets. It was cute to watch her light up when she was presented with either. Mary picked out of her cabinet a bag of gingerbread men all dressed in pink, wrapped in a pretty cellophane. They were a holiday gift from one of her favorite neighbors.

Instantly I just laughed and could not help myself but scream:

“Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag!”

I know the reference was lost on her, but she was excited and also laughed. We shared a few cookies, and I went on with my merry way. My tears that defined the earlier part of my day have now dried and brought a smile to my face.

I left able to say: “I am not ok… But I will be.”

My problems didn’t immediately change.

Fear, upset, and anxiety did not win that day.

There is always a future and always something BETTER that God has in store for us.

So, if you are: “Not ok right now… You will be.


The phone always rings again with good news.

There is a someone to send you flowers on a whim.

There is a bigger dream that will be accomplished faster because you already did the hard work.

There is the “I am flattered, because I love you too”.

There is a better version of yourself you haven’t found it yet.

There is always someone who is holding your “Pink Cookie in a Plastic Bag” that will make you smile again when you really need it.

I hope you can find your Pink Cookie (and let’s be honest-you didn’t see with that title where this was going right? So, I made you smile! See look at that!)

Smile and know that you are loved!

Wishing you and your families a very happy holiday and I know that good things are coming for you!

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