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One Degree

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

One Degree

I have a confession to make.

I love the show “Dr. Pimple Popper” on TLC. I don’t even have cable tv anymore. I catch her on YouTube and have discovered the wonderful quick fix of her Instagram account. When I am drowning on my couch because I can’t sleep, I may go into that guilty disgusting pleasure of watching someone having their skin poked and prodded.

It is pretty gross.

I know. You don’t want to admit that you watch it either-that is why it is a hit tv show because NO ONE else is watching. Just me. It’s alright. I will take this one for the team.

It can’t be just me.

I can see the Freudians having their thoughts on why there is an enjoyment factor here. Maybe it’s because they have their own issues.

Look in the mirror.

Ok, I didn’t want to talk today about pimple popping but to make you a little uncomfortable in your own skin.

One thing we all have in common is our skin.

It is our protection from the outer world to protect our organs and vital vessels that keep us miraculously moving each day. We should treat our skin with love, giving it proper nourishment and shields from the element extremes. We should keep it as a temple and see that it is the armor we are given from God on how He wants us to shine.

Our skin can glow.

It can get cracked and dry.

It can be stung by a bee or a mosquito, or a tick.

All these “bites” have the power to change the chemical balance in our bodies that can sometimes end our existence here on earth. Our skin is the first to take on a harsh blow, give out the first silent scream of injury pains, and quickly do its best to clean up the mess we have been inflicted with. It is a truly amazing suit of armor we have been given.

We can go from a perfectly suitable skin into a fully damaged skin. Our skin may not be able to repair from a trauma.

It can all happen in one degree of a second.

When watching these pimple popping episodes or quick fix videos, I always have tons of questions. The extraordinary case of someone who has a huge extrusion from their body hinders them from his/her everyday life, I always ask out loud:


There are answers of:

“No doctor wanted to touch me.”

“It just creeped up on me.”

“I was ashamed to show it, so I don’t leave the house.”

“I didn’t know what to do next.”

“I am ready to give up.”

I can feel their insides cry for help. Of course, they mostly end the episode of a miracle work performed, freedom from this scaring of sorts, and a happy ending of how it changed their life.

It all happens in the chance, faith, and hope of that one degree. That one degree that is the mustard seed God asks us to have in our everyday life.

One degree that takes us from hot to boiling or cold to frozen.

My mom and I watched an episode of a man that had this monstrosity hanging off his nose. It must have weighed almost 7 lbs. He was so upset and in pain. Other doctors told him they couldn’t do anything. It was too complicated. He lost hope until he met Dr. Sandra. When he said,

“She is my last hope.”

I could not help myself, I let out a tear for him. If she said no, I could feel him wanting to go and take matters in his own hands which could take him to a place that was no longer here on earth.

His one degree and mustard seed of faith gave him the opportunity at a new life. As I know they almost always have a happy ending, I cannot help but watch at the edge of my seat to see how his life will transform.

It keeps me in the one degree of faith that God can always come in and turn it all around.

I have waited too long, went too deep into my problems in my past that I didn’t see a way out.

At some point in my life, I have inherited this horrible habit to go deep and dark of how bad things can get.

How I can lose my source of income.

How I can make a bad investment that could turn ugly.

How I can lose everything.

How I can become homeless.

How I can be so horrible that God could turn his back on me.

Wait what?

I drown in these moments and allow these thoughts to pave avenues for them to start to shed light and become true.

How close can I get to that one degree of damage? I continue to push and open those avenues a bit more. It is if I cannot wait to get to my fears fast enough.


I take a look back and now when I go to those places, I stop myself. How did I let the last question not be the first question?

“How can I be so horrible that God could turn His back on me?”

The answer was that I turned my back on God because I decided I wasn’t good enough or I didn’t deserve it.

I didn’t deserve the next consulting project because my skills may not be good enough.

I didn’t deserve for the investment to work out because I didn’t do enough homework.

I didn’t deserve all the things I have because I didn’t appreciate them enough.

I didn’t deserve to live in my home of 20 years because I didn’t work hard enough.

I didn’t deserve God’s love because I didn’t love Him enough.

I had to look in the mirror.

What about that mustard seed? I looked at one mistake and let it snowball into this dark avenue I could not wait to get to because I told myself that God disapproved of me and I should just take my punishment.

I created the punishment, not God.

I had to look at myself and make that one last phone call of hope. Knock on that door of opportunity and throw away that one degree into danger. I needed to turn that one degree around. Because my God can move mountains and has never turned His back on me, why would He start today?

I looked at this list of what I told myself “I didn’t deserve” and told myself what “I did deserve.”

I got here by looking at the ones around me who that touched that one degree.

The ones who didn’t see a way.

The ones who felt there was no hope.

The ones who lost everything.

The ones who died from touching that one degree for one last time.

The ones who turned it around.

The ones who made that one last phone call of hope.

The ones who got the help they needed when they were about to touch that one degree of pain.

The ones who leaned into that mustard seed of faith.

The ones who let God in and let their skin show the world who they were brought here to be.

I have so much love and respect for the people in my life that share their intimate stories no matter how good, bad, or ugly they may be. I do my best to listen and to have it change my life from judgments to compassion for others. It continues to help me want to see how God works in all of us and how He really gives us miracles each day. Even a tv show about popping pimples can give me faith and hope. I need to see my skin is just my outside armor, but my faith is my true strength.

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Be strong and know that God is always with you and can help you through any situation. If you need help, just ask! You don’t have to push yourself into the dangerous degrees alone.

Thank you @drpimplepopper @drsandralee for the inspiration!

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