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Ok let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning. I could write every blog post on how I think Craig Conover is the best thing ever. I admire his guts, tenacity, confidence, and belief in himself. He gives me the confidence I need help with every day.

When I don’t “feel like it” or when it feels “impossible”, I think of #newcraig and say “Let’s do this!”

If you don’t know here is your chance to discover him and his story here:


Ok back to me…

If you ever need a gift idea for me-I want a pillow from Sewing Down South.. Don’t act like you never asked…

Alright, let’s get to it.

This is the season of change and familiarity. June is my favorite month of the year. It is the time when we all see the green of the earth at its height.

Graduations, the warm weather, and the crazy things it does to our spirits.

The change of 7pm becoming dinner time and not bedtime.

The smell of the ocean, vitamin D, excitement of touching water and wearing less clothes. Everyone just loosing that care and responsibility of the world even if it is for a short period each day.

The endless possibilities feel so real.

We all benefit from these last moments of spring as they quickly become summer.

It is magical.

It is my time right before I take a new turn around the sun in early July, I can make my goals for the year.

Make aspirations become realities.

I give myself permission to become #newcraig.

This year is no different, or very different at the same time. As last year was mysterious and dangerous to me to go out and see people, it also was stressful and fearful. In some ways summer 2020 will be a staple in our memories along with a time we may pretend didn’t exist. Whatever-we will all do both.

Oh honey, 2020- it happened. It is our 1984.

For me this year is super important. #newcraig means more to me than ever. What is on the table and at stake could not be at a freighting height of

“I F%^&$in’ need this to happen now!”

Where I went wrong in the past..

As I always put way too much pressure on myself to accomplish my goals, I also had a great deal of anxiety that got in the way and well- It would win.

When I saw someone else gain what I was working so hard to achieve as they made it look effortless and carefree my dream would become angry and suddenly “stolen” pushing it further away from me.

WTF-how did I let that happen?

I got in my own way.

What would Craig Conover do?

“What’s wrong with my sewing?” He would defend himself and take his time to get the job done that was in his heart. He didn’t let the nay sawyers get in his way.

I missed that day in school when they taught that…

Right after grammar-yup I just gave you a freebie, “You’re welcome.”

I need to be more like Craig, that is why homegirl Candice made it a hashtag.

What I know for sure is that God is always on time and ALWAYS forgiving and loving. Wanting us to accomplish what is in our heart. He gave it to use for a reason.

I like that guy too….

Why is 2021 different?

Because, in our downtime I took the time to turn it all around.

I learned to read my cycles and trigger points that used to take me backwards- I now push them forward.

I invited new people into my life, taking the time to stop, listen, and learn, instead of giving out resentment and jealousy.

I rid of the dead weight people that asked me to dig into the dark trenches with them. I thought it made me a good friend instead-it made me drown. Sometimes too deep.

I now use each situation as a turning point. A place to give gratitude where I used to be mad and talk it down. (I know the grammar queens love my miss use of a sentence right here. There you go another brownie for you.)

Then the tables turned..

The phone calls I needed to happen, called.

The person I needed to meet, turned the corner, and found me.

The weight I needed to lose, fell off.

Everything that was a struggle became a driving force.

Not only are things turning around for me, but my friends and family as well. It is an addiction.

See my SJP cheerleading days are paying off.

“Go Team!”

Whatever you are going through in life remember before there was #newcraig, there was:

“Craig-WTF are you doing with your life?”

Don’t get caught in the “frame” of someone else’s dream for you. (Thank you Joel Osteen).

Don’t let time or circumstance tell your dreams to pack up their shit and leave.

Don’t let fear win.

Drive like it is a Porsche 944 red hot with the top down in July heading to the Hamptons..

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF when no one else does.

Thank fear for being with you and send it off to nowhere land and make sure YOU pack the bags.


I believe in you! If you need help getting out of the trenches reach out to me for a free consolation and let’s draw the roadmap to your dreams. It is that simple. Have an amazing day!


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