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My Journey

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Where to begin?

No stopping me now!

It all started with the dream job. I was always told that I should climb the corporate ladder and make it to the top. I worked long hours, weekends, and even holidays. I had many meetings. I traveled most of the Northeast on a weekly basis. I lived in hotels. I got on planes for quick one-on-ones. I broke heels and ran to the nearest mall in cities that were unfamiliar. I hired teams of people and fired many people. When I got that call for the "dream" job, I thought that was it. I made it!

What I did not see was all the long hours, the time on the road, the pain each time I let someone go and watched the tears flow. I realized I had lost a piece of myself. When I say a piece, I mean ALL OF ME. I came home to an empty apartment and take-out containers with no one to share my "achievement" with. I was too busy getting that dream job, believing that it came with a promise to give me the happiness, joy, and family I desired.

I was living in an empty dream with an empty promise. I realized I needed a change.


God gave me the courage to say good-bye to that "dream" and the courage to build the dreams I had sitting on a shelf for so many years. They were so hard to find through all the dust. That summer I made a large list of all those dreams and worked on them one by one. I started with dusting off my consulting business that I began out of Grad School back in 2003.

As of March 2020, in the height of the COVID outbreak in New York, I lost the majority of my consulting business and more dreams. I lost a lucrative marketing project that I had been working on for months . Lost the opportunity to manufacture the start of my clothing line. I fell into a serious breakdown.

I WAS LOST then God whispered in my ear:

"Keep going."

About twelve years ago I had started "Quote of the Day" which was a daily quote of encouragement, spirituality, or just a good laugh. The quote meant so much to so many people I knew. I couldn't give up on it. During these quarantine days I was recieving messages to keep up with some daily inspiration. The Daily Quote was great, but it wasn't mine. I was using someone else's words and putting them in your face. It wasn't a message directly from me.

If I wanted to inspire people, I had to expand on what I could give and decided to shut down the Quote of the Day and start my blog. Each month I have been sending out some of my blog posts. I am now happy to announce that my blog will be going live in a few short weeks! It feels good to know I can help more then a small group of people with short stories of inspiration. I am super exicted for this and feel this is where God wants me to be.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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