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Drafting Season

“You took this girl from a panda to a lion” -Keeley Jones, Ted Lasso.

Not 100% how this will tie in, but I have a slight obsession with Ted Lasso right now and well, here you go.

Here is a question for you.

Do you like sports?

I love sports. Maybe not all of them, but I love to learn about them, figure them out (even curling), and ask all the “why’s” of curiosity.

I use them as ice breakers and conversation starters.

How long did it take for Tiger Woods to perfect his swing?

What the F* does OMAHA mean?

Why are Jets fans so paranoid?

How unfair is for Sun Mingming to be allowed to slam dunk?

Will Daniel Green get traded?

Do you feel like the whole thing is rigged watching Tampa Bay?

Whatever happened to Matsui since retirement?

Yup, I have all these questions and more. I love to throw out these random comments and have some heads turn. Watch the conversation takes off with a life of its own. Sports give people a love for a common “goal”.

Alright, you saw that one coming.

What I love the most is the excitement of the draft.

All the major sports do one. I love to take a glimpse at the football draft each spring season. I am not going to show off my draft picking skills, but we all have someone we wanted to join our team and watch them grow from college football to the NFL. How life changing that moment is for that player. From that moment on their life choices and decisions are made for us to judge and watch their every move.

After Jerry Maguire I never stop the question:

“Is it about stats and figures or about having the best PR team behind them. Is it really about having the best player for the team or a strategic owners plot to control the game? “

Sit and simmer on that for a moment.

Let’s get back on the field.

I believe we all have our favorite draft pick out there and keep our eye on this investment we have made. We may become disappointed of choices our player makes or watch them become a legend. Sometimes both. We tune in on any given Sunday to watch our team and our draft pick play a game of pigskin that keeps us screaming at our tv’s or hugging strangers after a win. Some groups believe in Monday night football as beer and wings, others think it’s an opportunity for chardonnay and salad.

We all have our choices.

Come mid-October we have a determination of where our team stands for the season. We either give up or keep with them thick or thin. We continue to curse at our tv’s or tailgate and drown in our liquid of choice and find an excuse for why “they suck this year”.

So, who is on your draft pick?

I mean your real draft pick.

Because let’s be honest here, we are always conducting a draft pick or being drafted. We pick our friends, we hire employees, we swipe right for the hot guy/gal or swipe left to never see them again. We judge who we sit next to on the train and who will come over for Thanksgiving dinner. We all have a team and there is always a draft going on.

We make excuses for our team,

“Well, she’s my sister so.”

“Well, we all know who drunk uncle really is.”

“Well, it’s my brother’s girlfriend so.”

I think you have your own list.

But how does it feel to not be drafted?

To walk by a restaurant and see a group of your friends having dinner and they didn’t invite you.

To get the rejection phone call for the job you wanted so badly.

To not know how many swipe lefts had your name on it.

To be a pity guest at Thanksgiving dinner.

To be judged on the subway and no one wants to sit next to you.

To be ghosted and not have any clue why.

How do you feel in these drafting moments?

For me: Vulnerable. I feel vulnerable.

What would Jesus do?

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of the Chosen and well, I am “Getting used to Different.”

Jesus drafted a team no one knew they needed to be on. He drafted the sick and the lame, the poor and the hungry, the prostitutes and the tax collectors. He knew what his team needed to look like and if they were all perfect would we follow them?

Thankfully I gave Jesus the role to be the CEO of my life and head Human Resources Director of Deberella K’Rockin’ Krusz because I for sure was drafting the wrong team.

When I let go of my own drafting process and let Jesus do the work, it all came together.

As I was drafting on my own, I wasn’t succeeding because I wanted to be in control.

Hhmmmm… What else have I been drafting instead of letting God do all the work?

The second I gave it all to God, things started to happen.

I saw things that I wanted became unnecessary.

I saw how much abundance I had when I thought I was lacking.

I saw the value of every relationship in my life and how special it is.

I saw that I am growing closer to Christ the more I let him do all the work.

It is the most amazing gift.

I now trust my drafting to Jesus. I went from being a panda to a lion because I let God be in control and show me my true worth. For that I am so grateful.

Phew, I got it in there.

What are you drafting in your life that you need to give up control?

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