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Hey, I am Debby Kruszewski also known as Debby Krusz.


My last name is long, so I must improvise-- hunting for a new one.


I grew up and still reside in Southern Westchester, NY, right outside of Manhattan-- no, not upstate! After achieving all my corporate America dreams, I found zero fulfillment in any of them. Each step of the ladder was a bigger disappointment than where I came from. It was lonely and painful. I grew an emptiness in my heart. I didn't like the person I became or the environment I was entering into daily. 


I gave it to God.


I started to pursue all the dreams, the real true dreams, in my heart. Things started to come together, giving me a reason to wake up every day.


Excited to be alive.

Excited to spread as much happiness as possible.

To spread my newfound joy.

The journey has not been easy.

I went through lots of growing pains.


A-Z plans that didn’t work out.




Vulnerability and



"Keep going” I hear every day. Every moment there is a tear in my eye of

Another wall in my way.

Another roadblock.

Another crawling under the sheets to hide from the world. 

Another time I wanted to give up.


“Keep going” the voice taps me on the shoulder and repeats itself.

I wipe my tears.

Take some deep breaths.

Go to my home Altar and thank Jesus as many times as needed.

Then the new door opens, the sunshine comes in. 

I “Try again.”


“I am never giving up,” I tell all my dreams, even when they aren’t ready for me.

The flowers that haven’t bloomed.

The home that isn’t built.

The kitten that isn’t ready to leave the litter.


“I am never giving up.” Because I know that if God put it in my heart, he will make way.

There will be some tears, lots of laughs, and honesty. 

My goal in each message is faith, love, and happiness.

I thank you all for being a part of my journey. 

I hope that I can inspire everyone to follow your true dreams and learn anything is possible when you believe!


Enjoy the ride!

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